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How I Got Into Photography

Getting into photography changed my life.

Photography randomly fell into my lap the summer before my senior year in high school. My older brother gave me his old camera and things jst snowballed from there.

The college I go to offers free summer classes for high school students to help decide what they want to major in. At the time I knew that I wanted to go to an art school but just not sure what for. So took four classes animation, graphic design, game design and photography. I'm not the best at drawing so animation and graphic design were quickly ruled out. I occasionally like playing viedo games but I knew that I wouldn't like spending all my time making them.

Lucky enough I loved the teacher I had for my photography class. We usually just walked around different parts of San Francisco and I was enjoying it and getting some good shots as well. But the class came to an end and I was starting my senior year. All through high school I was taking art classes and by mistake I was put into AP art which is the advance class for people who can draw and paint. Since I can't really do either of those I had to come up with something or I would have to drop the class.

There were other students in my class doing photography for their project so I decided to show my teacher the photos I took from my summer class to see if she thought they were good enough for me to stay in the class. She ended up really liking them and I was able to stay. So every other weekend I would go out with my mom looking for landscapes I could take pictures of. Every time we went out it was like an adventure with so many things not going our way like the weather, getting lost and hiking for endless miles. But we were having so much fun and the pictures I was taking were amazing.

College applications were coming around and the only thing I really had going for me was photography so I thought why not just major in it. It was one of the best choices ever because of all the things I've learned and the people I've been able to meet and I wouldn't change it for the world.

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